Do you still have questions about the event at MIS?

During the dissemination of the exhibition Identificam-se Protagonistas, we realized that the public still has some questions about our motivations to establish a partnership with the Culture Line of the Subway with launch at MIS (Museum of Image and Sound).

Aventura de Construir invited the photographer Diego de Jesus to record the work of microentrepreneurs who are transforming the peripheries of São Paulo. Our idea is to give as much visibility as possible to the cause of inclusive territorial development, that’s why we articulate a partnership with Companhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo (Subway) – uniting a social cause to the beauty of the visual arts displayed in the São Paulo subway stations.

With the intention of sensitizing different audiences, Subway was chosen because it is a transit point that best welcomes diversity, bringing together people of all ages, ethnicities, genders and social classes. That’s why we invite everyone to live this experience!

But you’re still wondering … Why launch it at MIS?

The idea of spreading our cause on the Subway also inspired us to launch this exhibition at MIS, a very important reference in the dissemination of art in the city of São Paulo who accepted to be our partner in this project. MIS opened its doors to Aventura de Construir, supporting this action by recognizing the importance of our cause. This partnership strengthened us a lot to organize an event that speaks openly about the reality of the entrepreneurial universe in Brazil, starting from the reality of our beneficiaries and also from inspiring personalities, who today are recognized around the world for their activities.

With that in mind, we invite Martha Medeiros and Tatá Sympa for this special night. The idea here is to articulate different entrepreneurial experiences in Brazil. Martha is the entrepreneur responsible for making handmade lace the raw material of her world-wide brand, it will be inspiring to hear about this trajectory that has changed the lives of hundreds of women in the Northeastern Countryside! Tatá is an educated and popular Minas Gerais musician who sings and enchants with his powerful voice. In addition to sharing his beautiful songs, he will also tell you about what it is to undertake in the musical world!

Now, maybe you still wonder … But how does a CSO manage to make this invitation for free?

We have the support of partners who believe in our cause, so it was possible to get here! With different supports and some sponsorships, we were able to create bridges and expand our network, articulating the people who see the beauty and the power of our work to carry out both the exhibition on the Subway and the launch event at MIS!

Bringing all these engaged people and different entrepreneurial experiences together in a single night is what motivates us to reinforce this invitation !!! If you still want to know a little more about it, check out the text Our Mission through the lens of Diego de Jesus and register here!

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