Do you already have your first customer?

Jessica Marinho participated in the ISC project in 2018 and 2019. At that time she already had a great desire to have her own business. She had been unemployed for two years and wanted to find ways to live by doing what she liked: working with party decorations. Jessica says that she liked this area more than nine years ago: on her daughters’ birthdays she was the one doing everything. And on a whim!

According to Jessica, the ISC project associated with the advisories and lectures developed by Aventura de Construir contributed significantly to her effectively starting her own business in January 2019.

And how do we contribute?

Guiding Jessica to get out of the idea and take action! Jessica says that the creation of the goals (developed in the consultancies) was the main step to structure the opening and continuity of her business.Jessica says that the goals created something concrete so she could go for it. And she went for it!

In 6 months a lot had happened… One of her first established goals was to get three customers. Jessica got two! Goals are created to guide microentrepreneurs and not to discourage them. The fact of not reaching the goal did not make Jessica give up or be sad, on the contrary, it motivated her to rethink in her steps and reinvent new ways to achieve her goals.In July 2019 Jessica produced a total of five parties and already had one scheduled for December: A wedding!

And the difficulties?

Jessica tells us that one difficulty is the lack of money to invest in her business and for this reason, she is not always able to meet the demands of her clients. She has already lost a deal because it does not have the capital to buy a particular piece of furniture required by the customer. But she is patient, creative and attentive. She understood that it is necessary to list investments in order of importance and create a plan.

At the December wedding, for example, his client also asked for specific furniture. But this time Jessica managed to close the deal! With planning, she managed to schedule herself: she agreed with the client an advance diluted in three months and agreed to buy the piece of furniture!

She also understood that it is necessary to dilute the return on investment. He said that at the beginning of her business, if she invested in something he already wanted an immediate return, but she realized that it is not this way… She realized that it is necessary to dilute.

In the city of Jessica there is no furniture store available to create partnerships, so she could rent some furniture and not have to buy it, but what was a difficulty she understood as a future opportunity. Jessica thinks about investing in furniture in the long term and thus expanding her business.As for her finances, it is organized and separates business finance and home finance. It understands that it is only possible to have a business vision when revenues and expenses are properly registered. And she has been doing this since she opened the business in January 2019.

Nowadays Jessica feels more excited and optimistic than she did six months ago: she managed to make her plans come true, which in the not-so-distant past was just a remnant of a dream. Today is real. And reality is full of challenges, but Jessica faces them.

She has a business vision and said that she enhanced that look with the projects and advice she experienced here at Aventura de Construir. Today, for example, Jessica knows how to price her products fairly for everyone. Knows where to search, what tools to use.And what she learned with us is not closed in one place: here she created contacts and networks. She met Nea (case of sustainability) during the training sessions of the project “Building New Paths” and this year he decorated the Festa Junina (typical party that takes place in June) of Nea’s ranch!

Another beautiful thing that Jessica shared with us was that during this process of opening the business and interacting more with Aventura de Construir, she realized that today she no longer considers herself unemployed as she was a few months ago, today she understood that she is a microentrepreneur, reinvented itself and understood the value it has in it!

I have a degree in Logistics, 8 years of experience. And now I had the opportunity to write a new story” Jessica Marinho.

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