DJ Bola talks about social business at the ImpactAí!

This year, our ProtagonizAí Campaign is carrying out a series of actions to increase the visibility of our cause and, at the same time, directly support our micro-entrepreneurs of social impact in this process. With that in mind, we organized the ImpactAí event with Marcelo Rocha, DJ Bola – one of the protagonists of the movement that removed Jardim Angela from the list of the most violent places in the world. He gave a lecture for Aventura de Construir and told about his personal trajectory!

Aventura de Construir had a very special night last Tuesday, 06/11/2019. We invited DJ Bola, one of the protagonists of the movement that removed Jardim Ângela from the list of the most violent places in the world, to chat with our micro-entrepreneurs about social impact businesses. Best of all? He agreed to share his personal experience with low-income microentrepreneurs.

DJ Bola promoted very important reflections to the audience present at the event, telling his personal experience and the path he followed since his adolescence motivated by Hip Hop until developing his own social business, or rather, an accelerator to enhance the social businesses that are born in the peripheries: ANIP (Periphery Impact Business Accelerator), an initiative of its producer A Banca in partnership with Artemisia and FGV CEEN (Center for Entrepreneurship and New Business) that develops social impact businesses in low-income neighborhoods located in the city of São Paulo.

This lecture with DJ Bola impacted microentrepreneurs so much that it soon became a chat, where participants shared their experiences and started thinking about plans for the future, reflecting on how their ventures can adapt to a transformative reality, where the business it is not only its place of support, but also a space that multiplies changes in the territory and generates socio-environmental impact.

Entrepreneurship is always related to an enormous desire to make a dream come true, to stand out professionally, to succeed, to gain financial independence and to enable more comfort for ourselves and our families. But the most motivating part of this dream is to realize that a business can also have a positive impact on society, which is often overlooked by microentrepreneurs.

But, after all, what is a social impacting business? DJ Bola also explained that! And, in summary, we can say that it is an enterprise capable of transforming the reality around you. In other words, it is the change in context that a business generates in the reality where it is inserted. If you have a grocery store, are a craftsman, dressmaker or clothing designer, do typical foods or any other activity that contributes to human, social and economic development, you are a microentrepreneur that generates social impact!

We know that the lives of people who undertake with little is not easy, but tonight’s great reflection reveals that each one can make their life at work more stimulating when associated with the generation of quality of life for the community that lives! This also connects directly to what DJ Bola said about happiness, as he sees it as something we can choose. In this sense, he brought as an example the financial question, which often works as a correlate of happiness for many people. But, he asked the participants the following question: “What is the point of having money, if in the place where I live an app car does not take me there? What is the use of having money, if there is no good restaurants, cinemas or cultural centers in the place where I live?”

This provocation made us reflect a lot on which paths we should and can follow, always understanding that the errors and difficulties that life presents us need to be questioned continuously. It is urgent to ask ourselves why, this is the question that opens opportunities and moves each one towards personal growth.

The band Abôrigens, to which Marcelo Rocha is a DJ, has a song with the following chorus: “Allow yourself to see life in a different way”! That’s how we left the lecture, reflecting on how to see life, and everything that involves it (work, business, family) differently… In a way that promotes positive social impact for each one of us!

But we still have a final reflection on that great night! We, from AdC, left this meeting asking ourselves also about our role in the lives of the microentrepreneurs that we advise. The perception we had broadens our view of what is within our reach, as we understand that it is possible to collaborate with our beneficiaries beyond what we already do today, supporting them in identifying opportunities to grow with awareness about social impact businesses. This way, the AdC can present a little more of this universe and carry out a work that enhances the horizon of this audience!

Aventura de Construir again thanks DJ Bola for giving up his time and allowing a reflection capable of changing people’s behavior!

A little more about DJ Bola

He is also the father of 3 children, has already been honored by Trip Transformadores for having been one of the protagonists of the movement that removed Jardim Angela from the list of the most violent places in the world, a sad position that the neighborhood occupied throughout the 90s. In 2000, when the things were tough in the neighborhood, he founded A Banca, where he is the Executive Director and was responsible for connecting with companies in the 2.5 sector, creating strategic partnerships with Artemísia, NESsT, ICE, FGV CENN, Vox Capital, Via Varejo, MOV Fund, Quintessa, Instituto Papel Solidário, Social Good Brasil (Fellow), among others. He founded the Primeiro Fórum de Negócios de Impacto da Periferia (First Periphery Impact Business Forum), where he developed the NIP Accelerator. Currently, he is also a speaker who talks about Breaking Social Barriers; Periphery Analysis and Situation; Transforming potential from HIP HOP; Periphery Impact Social Business Ecosystem; Social Innovation; Impact Assessment; Active in the National Coalition.

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