Different realities meeting

São Paulo´s west zone microentrepreneurs and luxury´s sector mega-entrepreneur will be discussing economic and social development.

Next June 7th, we will be hosting a Different Realities Meeting combining two extremes: embryonic phase and little money micro-entrepreneurs and Carlos Ferreirinha, a mega-entrepreneur from the luxury market, to exchange ideas about development, social and economic sustainability.

Álvaro Soares owns a building materials store located at the Voith region (west zone of Sao Paulo´s city) and decided two years ago that his venture, which started very small, should become a “real business” and sought us to turn this dream into reality. The financial problem was exhaustedly discussed between Mr. Soares and his wife so that they could have a better control of it: he managed with his customers better payment terms to avoid cash flow problems, developed partnerships with competitors to get larger inventory and put together his savings to open a second store, which is already in progress.

Also, in order to keep this wheel turning, although it has so little visibility, and providing significant changes not only at the microentrepreneur´s life, but also impacting the community’s economy – that’s how this Different Realities Meeting takes place: a moment when microentrepreneurs, such as Álvaro Soares and other important collaborating partners of us, will have the opportunity to get a closer look at the luxury market and discuss strategies and means of market action.

The meeting will be held by Mr. Carlos Ferreirinha, at MCF Consulting, in Jardins neighborhood in São Paulo. He is now one of the top names when it comes to Luxury and Premium Management Intelligence in Latin America and has served as Senior Executive of EDS and Louis Vuitton – LVMH Group – as the Brazil´s CEO and Latin America´s Senior Director. For him, it will be an interesting time for entrepreneurs to exchange valuable experiences. “Despite the relevance and visibility of my work at MCF Consultoria, I do not cease to be a small business owner. Every day I have small, medium, large, and giant obstacles to overcome. “It will be an opportunity to share with everyone my MCF experience and methodology to share the attributes of Luxury and Premium brand differentiation as a source of inspiration and learning.”

According to the businessman, some of the luxury market´s attributes that can be used in entrepreneurship are, “excellence, quality, obsession for details, raising the brand to levels of desire, looking at the future”. Ferreirinha said that the debate´s main objective will be developing the microentrepreneurs skills. “The work will also include a practical exercise of experiencing retail operations and services in Jardins area.”

Remember Álvaro Soares, who we mentioned before? He will also be present at this meeting and is full of expectations. “For me it’s a great opportunity, it’s important to meet new people who had success in their lives to learn with their experience”, he said.

Silvia Caironi

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