Creative Quarantine

To understand this new concept created at that moment, we need to start from the main point. What is creativity? How does creativity arise in a person and how can we exploit that quality in each one?

Rest assured, we’ll explain everything!


Defining creativity is a very difficult task. As difficult as counting how many stars there are in the sky. So let’s start from the origin of the word: following the Houaiss dictionary, creativity is “the quality or characteristic of someone […] who is creative; inventiveness; intelligence and talent, born or acquired, to create, invent, innovate ”.

With the origin of the word, creativity takes shape and, simplifying creativity is a person’s ability to create something. But we cannot sum it up to just that, as it would mean that to be creative it would be necessary for something new to be invented.

There is a concept very related to creativity, which is “think outside the box”, translating, “think outside the box” and it is also worth remembering that the OECD identified creativity among the 10 capabilities necessaryin a changing world. It is very important that we remember the characteristic of ingenuity that is imbued with creativity, that is, the ability of each one to “find a way” and adjust common things to our way. So this means that each person has a creative side!


To understand the new concept of the Creative Quarantine, we have one more idea to be understood, the creative leisure.

First of all, leisure is often related to someone’s laziness or lack of desire and, in fact, for the concept of creative leisure, we have to let go of that first meaning who comes to the head and relate leisure to moments of leisure or rest .

The theory of creative leisure was developed by a sociologist named Domenico De Masi who seeks to unify study and leisure, that is, learning while having fun.

For the sociologist, modern society always seeks to occupy our “free time” with films, series, soap operas, cell phones, applications, etc. and creative leisure brings with it the possibility of getting rid of these bonds and having time for ourselves and our brain to breathe.


Now that we understand the two concepts that make up the creative quarantine, we can get to the main point of this text.

This new definition of quarantine intends us to use our free time, but really free, to learn in our leisure time. We detach ourselves from television and smartphones so that our heads can work more freely, without so many distractions (mainly technological).

It is clear that in times of social isolation, unexpected changes happen in our routine and for that we have to reinvent ourselves and adapt to the realities that are “imposed” on us and work with them.

Let us be creative to learn, work and also have leisure and have time for leisure !!!

We will adapt, but above all reinvent ourselves, let us be realistic and creative, at the same time, to learn as much as possible with this new moment!

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