Creative Economy

Creative Economy

You probably already heard about “Creative Economy” and how it has been expanding in recent years. If you have not heard, know that it is a market that grows above the annual national average and it is present in almost every sector of the economy. Because it is a new concept, there is no “ready” and unique definition of the term. What we can affirm is that the idea of ​​Creative Economy is to unite economy with creativity, possessing as its raw material intellectual capital, that is, charged with symbolic values. It requires creativity to go beyond offering products and services, new consumption seeks an experience to be lived.

This reality is a new look at entrepreneurship, which demands multidisciplinary by the entrepreneur, new professions attention and has the collaborative economy as its flagship. The entrepreneur goes on to think of innovative models, with new processes and new technologies, valuing the creative sector in which he operates, often underestimated for not finishing a business management training. This is the creative economy way, seeking to reveal innovative business models in other areas and adds value and competitiveness to products and services and brings social development and sustainable growth.

To stimulate your creativity when it comes to conquering or retaining clients, Aventura de Construir will promote in November, workshops that go from theory to practicing the creative economy in the local micro entrepreneurship’s reality, that is, how to add value in an innovative way and make it a competitive differential.

The meetings will have the partnership of Fluxonomia 4D, a startup that uses as a methodology a set of tools to create, enable and manage initiatives using resources and generating sustainability results in four dimensions: Environmental, Financial, Cultural and Social. This meeting between microentrepreneurs and the general public with people who can present new alternatives to successfully overcome the crisis and, above all, instigate a thought out of the box.

The meetings are free and open to the public from 7 pm to 9 pm on the following dates and locations:


November 7th – Centro Comunitário do Jardim Canaã – Rua Ilha de Francês, 55

November 21st – Centro Comunitário da Turística na 14ª área – Rua Renato Consorte, 36

November 28th – Salão da Associação dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra – Rua Félix Guilhem, 227 – Lapa de Baixo


For more information, please contact by mail or phone number: or call us at +55 11 3895-0592

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