Brazil is beginning to suffer the socioeconomic impacts of the health emergency, but the most affected ones will be the self-employed and unregistered workers by the economic crisis caused by the new coronavirus pandemic. In the case of small businesses, the crisis may even mean that many businesses will have to close the doors. And we are not talking about closing the doors to reopen them after the turbulence has passed, it is about literally closing the doors, going bankrupt and having whole families without any financial resources.

If you already know all this and want to help these people, Aventura de Construir (ADC) created an Emergency Fund designed to DIRECTLY assist microentrepreneurs assisted by us, prioritizing the most vulnerable and needy cases. To collaborate with people who need it the most NOW, click here!

But, if you still don’t know much about the subject, we will share with you the scenario which we are talking about. On 03/19/2020, we received the following message from a microentrepreneur assited by us:

“Good morning Franklin [ADC consultant]! I came to tell you that we at home are very concerned about the near future… we have no idea what to do, even though I am still opening the beauty salon, I am serving maximum 2 customers per day. I know we are new to Aventura de Construir and I am very sad for not meeting them before, and also to be going through this huge problem that is this Pandemic which maybe will stop us from continuing with this dream of having my beauty salon specialized in frizzy and curly. Why am I thinking like that? Because we are already in a big trouble and then where are we going to be? I am a strong woman, I have always been and I never denied work… But I’m already a little tired, because now that I have found new hopes this new battle comes to stop us… But I won’t give up! (…) honestly I am very scared of what lies ahead! (…) I’m sorry, but we need help! (…) My family and I appreciate your attention. ”

Workers like this microentrepreneur have no legal backing to give them rights. In other words, we are talking about people who will not have access to unemployment insurance, FGTS (employee’s dismissal fund), sick leave or any other labor rights in a crisis scenario. This is the portion of the population that will suffer the most without social protection.

There are almost 20 million people working on their own, leaning entirely on their routine to be able to sustain themselves. But if social distance is one of the most important measures to contain the coronavirus and avoid overloading the health system, as recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization), the responsibility for preventing the spread of the virus also becomes a responsibility for each one of us. But what can microentrepreneurs do in the face of this scenario? They can’t work from home, as the employees of Aventura de Construir have been doing since 03/13/2020 – our activities are being carried out online and remotely, precisely to continue to follow and guide microentrepreneurs in this difficult time. We are getting in touch not only to warn about the pandemic, but also to find solutions and alternatives to the sustainability of these small enterprises that are now taking severe sustainability risks of. If you want to know more about our actions, read our latest newsletter here.

But, after all, what can we do about this scenario?

We are working on a daily basis to minimize the losses of each ADC beneficiary as much as possible, but we have found a lot of difficulties to help solving some specific cases that are in danger of closing the doors and, consequently, result in families without any income to survive the next weeks or months. That’s the point of this emergency campaign! This is the time to expand our perceptions and sharpen the sensitivity that often the routine does not allow us to have.

We are talking about LIVES! Under no circumstances do we want to be hyped up here, but we do want to share the perception of the problematic situation that is announced and gets harder day by day. The economy will only improve when the COVID-19 problem is solved, so we need to face the reality to understand how delicate the situation is for some people, especially the poor. So, how about supporting them?

In addition to being a human responsibility, when we look for real solutions to the problems that rise in the face of a crisis like this, we are also aligned with the addressed matters by the UN Agenda 2030 (United Nations). We are dealing with the following Sustainable Development Goals:

#1 Eradicating poverty

#3 Health and well-being

#10 Reducing inequalities

#17 – partnerships and means of implementation

But to really shape the ADC Emergency Fund, we need to get together! The SDG# 17 is what will let us work with everyone else. Be our partner in this challenging journey and help us implement this direct action BEING A PATRON OF A MICROENTREPRENEUR! Remember that the funds will be allocated to the ADC beneficiaries according to the criteria of greatest need analyzed by our consultants, which use will be informed later and in a transparent manner to all donors.


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