Communication specialists deliver award to microentrepreneurs

A night full of surprises that will be marked forever in our history.

The initial proposal for the evening was to close the training cycle that we did since last year, with the award of the R$ 3,500 prize to microentrepreneurs who presented the most appropriate communication plan and compatible with the content discussed during the project.

But we went further!

To analyze the communication plans and deliver the prizes, we had the help of specialists in the field of communication and marketing and we took advantage of this evening to make the first conversation round about: planning and digital marketing with the participation of a large audience and with many questions.

Subject that will be approached more fully for all audiences in the next training cycle that we are already producing together with the volunteer Siptha Lima.

However, the most waited moment of the night was the delivery of the awards that left everyone restless and anxious.

First, we would like to thank all 24 microentrepreneurs who participated in this project.

We had incredible works, which took a lot of effort for the jury to decide the winners, so, regardless of whether you won or not, we believe that all of you can put your own plan into practice.

The winners:

Nea, Vanessa, Jéssica, Fernanda and Camila Rosa. Congratulations on the effort and dedication of each one of you!

It became visible how they endeavored to create a real communication plan, which meet the needs of each business, with great creativity and common sense. The work you did was worthy of this award, you deserved it!

And so we closed this night with a lot of learning, interaction and happiness. We take home a real experience that dedication and effort are capable of transforming lives, and that each of us can make our own dreams come true!

We thank all those present: microentrepreneurs, the general public and volunteers. You are the reason for continuing with our work to create a more fair society with more opportunities in the peripheries.

In particular, we thank the professionals on the jury who donated all their experience and time for this project: thanks Eliza, Marcelo, Isis, Janete and Lucas!!

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