A volunteer from Aventura de Construir, José Mauricio Pinto Coelho, who supports us during this period, wrote this text of thanks for the Col3tiva action. A text that was first of all a surprise for us at ADC for its sensitivity, identification with the cause, incentive to continue building together. Here is in its full version so that everyone can be provoked !!! 

We are very happy with the results of the action carried out by Col3tiva that ended last Friday (15/5). The group is made up of three young artists – Ara Teles, Bruno Romi, Wagner Vidal – who donated two works each to a lottery among the buyers of the raffle, which had a value of R $ 20.00 each number.

There were more than 110 individual donations that will help our actions through the Emergency Fund formed for this very delicate moment. At a time like this, with so many uncertainties, it fills our hearts to see this result. We are all in a constant state of alert, alarmed not only by viruses, but by our future, our jobs, our loved ones. But even so, we find people willing to donate for a greater cause.

We are not going to solve the world’s problems in isolation, but by donating a little of our time, our attention, our money we start by lighting a spark that can, together, catalyze the changes we want to see.

The moment asks for isolation, what we know has not been easy for anyone. Most of the work started to be performed remotely. Solitude afflicts many. But by recognizing the need of the other and doing something to help, we also create in us the hope that everything can and will improve.

Many must be wondering what to learn from this delicate moment. We believe that, more than ever, it has become imperative to look at each other with eyes of love, eyes of (self) recognition. I recognize myself in the other, who recognizes himself in me. We are mirrors of others and we see our own reflections at the same time that we reflect what is in each being that observes us.

The dialogue then returns as a necessity at a time of joint deceleration. It is thus evident that we will not exist again until we see ourselves as a group, as individual beings that form a social group – that can and should help themselves. And it is in the name of this collective effort to look and help the most needy at this moment that we thank you very much.

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