Since the beginning of the pandemic, we too had to adapt to this new reality and, for this, we created an Emergency Fund to help the cases of extreme need of our beneficiary base (low income micro-entrepreneurs from the periphery) ).

Our contact with microentrepreneurs, previously in person, started to take place through telephone contacts, social networks and video calls. Communication and follow-up with each of them aims to inform, raise awareness and seek concrete solutions according to the needs of each one.

And it was thinking of collaborating with our Emergency Fund that thegroup Col3tiva, formed by plastic artists Ara Teles, Bruno Romi and Wagner Vidal, decided to help through art. In his words “love floods our hearts and in difficult times, like the one we are living in, helping others gives us more breath to continue in the certainty that everything will pass”.

Col3tiva emerged after the artists identified in their works similarities of languages, perceptions and looks, launching the work of each of them in a tangle of stories that, between the apparent chaos, intersect and complement each other in lines, shapes, colors, textures and sensations.

Ara Teles is a self-taught artist and art director for her background in advertising. Nordestina, born in Natal-RN, has lived for almost a decade in São Paulo, where she walks professionally in the area of ​​communication, also acting in curation for the art market, in addition to her career as a visual artist. His work, although constantly changing, insists on reflecting on the body and its textures – deconstructing and joining the pieces, showing a chaos that can be controlled.

Bruno Romi, born in Santa Bárbara d´Oeste-SP, has a degree in International Relations and Economics and studied Fine Arts at the Pan American School of Arts and Design. His works are based on the representation of the human figure, used as a vehicle for materializing abstract ideas. “There is particular interest in the infinity of stimuli to which we are exposed, in a way that is not only abundant, but excessive, and about how it affects us,” he explains. This characteristic of contemporaneity serves as a central element for his research that unfolds on topics such as the relationship between man and technology, epidemic anxiety, fake news, political polarization, and gender and sexuality issues.

Wagner Vidal is a visual artist and journalist from Minas Gerais, by Raul Soares, now based in São Paulo. For about 20 years he has been working with television news and in parallel with visual arts. His first contact with painting (oil on canvas) was at 18 and he never stopped. He says that, despite being self-taught, he always sought to improve and expand his view of art. And so, when he moved to São Paulo, in 2015, he started attending the Panamerican School, in search of this technical and creative improvement. The themes addressed in his works move between figurative, social criticism and the empowerment of minorities. Sexuality and gender identity occupy a prominent place.

The artists made available two works each to be drawn for those who want to collaborate. You can contribute by buying a raffle for R $ 20 through the promotion link [ ]. The draw will take place through a fully secure digital platform on May 15 at 12:00 am.

At this moment, the main objective of ADC is to support and accompany microentrepreneurs so that each one becomes the protagonist of the necessary solutions in a critical scenario such as the current one, without the need to resort to assistance logic.

Be a collaborator too! Access the link and help us make a difference.

For more information about the artists you can follow them on social media: @aratelesart @brunoromi @

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