Closing of the Financial Education course in Vila Jacuí

At the beginning of June, we completed another cycle of Financial Education Training, our project supported by Caterpillar for the South, East and West of the city of São Paulo.

There were 8 incredible meetings with people interested in learning and leading changes in Vila Jacuí, East Zone of the city of São Paulo. The Financial Education course, subsidized by Caterpillar and in partnership with CREN (Nutritional Education and Recovery Center), went through fundamental topics on budget organization and savings planning, as well as customized advice for each participant. In addition, we also held an event for debt renegotiation and facilitating access to microcredit, where we have the support of CDL (Association of shopkeepers), Firgun and TuTu Digital, our partners to serve low-income families and entrepreneurs.

The advisory services and the debt renegotiation event are actions that Aventura de Construir promotes after training Course participants to organize their personal, family and business finances. On this journey, we also realized that financial difficulties often have deeper aspects in each person’s life, so we also held a special meeting with the presence of a psychologist to collaborate with the process of identifying the reasons that cause financial imbalance in the family or in business.

We believe that this learning process is essential for people to manage their resources, planning and setting goals for the future. Financial education has been presented as one of the most urgent topics that need attention in Brazil. This is very evident when we look at default rates, a factor that has increasingly alerted us to this urgency in people’s lives.

Looking at each person and collaborating so that they become protagonists in the transformation of their lives and their surroundings is our greatest mission. Ending this cycle by hearing from the 54 beneficiaries that we bring a radical change to the community is an indescribable achievement for AdCl!

There are people who mark our trajectory by giving unforgettable testimonies, such as Suelen Cristina. On the closing day, she gave the following testimony: “In this training I learned to have a family budget, which I didn’t have before. I started to control my expenses and, doing this exercise, I did a reeducation. Now I have a plan, goals and more knowledge of how to use my money. (…) The course also answered many questions for those who want to open their own business!”. But what surprised us the most was that she showed us that she organized her expenses into folders, separating all accounts and carrying out a daily monitoring of her inflow and outflow. AdC was an eyewitness to Suelen Cristina’s change in behavior!!!

Of all the staff we trained, 25 obtained the Course Certificate for having regularly participated in the workshops. AdC congratulates these participants for their persistence in getting out of complacency, accepting this challenge, which is to look carefully at their own finances and make concrete changes in behavior!

We also thank Caterpillar for believing in our work, each of the AdC employees and the volunteers involved in this endeavor!!!

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