Business Sustainability

The sisters Cristiane and Aline live in the city of Cajamar, in the greater São Paulo, and work in the same city, in a neighborhood called São Pedro.

The desire to undertake in the diaper business started with Cristiane, who always worked in the segment – she was a salesperson in a diaper and children’s store. In addition to liking what she did, Cristiane liked to realize that her job was not just to sell a product, but to participate, in some way, in special moments in the lives of customers, for example: buying shoes to announce pregnancy, the gestational period, getting to know the newborn, watching it grow and develop.

Cristiane noticed that in her neighborhood, and in the surrounding neighborhoods, there was no similar type of establishment, with a focus on diapers, so she made this entrepreneurial suggestion to a friend, who even took the idea from the paper, but didn’t continuity. So, when she became unemployed, she decided that it was time to act, and when she realized that, her sister, Aline, also ended up unemployed, and agreed to be part of this professional adventure with her sister.

The Reino das Fraldas opened on September 7th, 2018, it has been just over a year, and many changes have already happened.In the beginning, the store was in a place that the sisters rented from their own father, paying a living allowance, which they did not even consider as a rent, in fact, but paid strictly. The street where the establishment was located was busy, there was a flow of people, however, it was not enough for the customers to be attracted and the accounts to settle.

It was at that moment that they realized that people who need diapers, whether they are mothers of newborns, or family members / caregivers of bedridden adults, do not have the time to always be going to buy the necessary supplies. So, they implemented the home delivery service. The entrepreneurs found in these deliveries a way to retain the customer, of course that also demanded another perception: it was no use for both of them to treat the customer very well, both in the pre-sale and in the post-sale, if the motoboy who was going to make the delivery, no continue this differentiated and special treatment. It wasn’t just delivering the diaper, it was the service as part of something bigger.

Since they couldn’t find someone to do this, they decided to make deliveries, one or the other, by car, even though they used more gasoline than a motorcycle would, but, with the certainty of the good service they value for customer loyalty. Cristiane, in this case, has already given tips on caring for the elderly, for some people who were not able to deal with the situation of a disease that ends up taking them by surprise, for example.This captivates customers’ trust and affection, and, according to them, compensates for what finances often do not pay. But every enterprise, in order to be sustainable, needs to keep the accounts up to date and the money turning.

Advice with Aventura de Construir started in June 2019, and they soon realized that they would have to improve, change and implement many things, for example, the division of tasks, spreadsheets made in Excel, meetings outside the store and outside business hours. After the first consultation, an action plan for the division of tasks has already started to be put into practice:

CristianeSales (call center and online), marketing, commercial.
AlineExcel spreadsheets, in-store service.

Before advising, they knew what PDV (point of sale) was, percentage of profit, calculation of profit on billing, however, they did not put anything into practice. They always ended up leaving that aside. Posture that has changed a lot, since everything is now passed to Excel and calculated, they adopted the organization as a daily practice.

Soon after the store stabilized in the first months, two competitors appeared in the neighborhood, one of them almost on the same street.During this period, they soon experienced something that tests many characteristics of an entrepreneur: price war.One of the competitors sold diapers with a value far below that practiced by the sisters in Reino das Fraldas. When that happened, they had no alternative, they realized that they could not get in his rhythm, because they would lose. The few products that came to exhibit with the cost price, soon they saw that it was not worth making this type of offer, and with the support of consultants, they decided to keep their prices, and win customers in the way they always did, with loyalty and the differential treatment of customer service and after-sales.

The competitor did not resist their own strategy, and it ended up not working. Another owner even went so far as to offer the store to their sisters, as they were also unable to maintain and retain the local public.

Faced with the positive scenario, a new opportunity arose: the chance to have the store on one of the busiest avenues of São Pedro. They embraced this opportunity of renting an empty yet expensive location and moved the store in July, 2019.

The change was very positive, which reflected in revenue:

There was, indeed, an increase in the rent, however, now they save on:

· Marketing – As they are now located on a business district, with lottery retailers, banks, daycare centers, and health centers close to the business, people naturally see the store, and as a consequence come in to check things out, for example, buy a package of diapers, etc.

· Home delivery – Basically for the same reasons mentioned above, since business districts are usually packed with people.

In addition to saving, the new business address is allowing the entrepreneurs to dream ever higher, knowing that it is possible to achieve what you dream of.

A very positive attitude in the sisters’ project is dealing with a young female audience, who may have faced pregnancy at a very early time in their lives. Considering this, they not only sell diapers and baby products, but also offer comfort and care to those young women.The care offered in words are also found in supportive gestures, such as forward-looking acknowledgments about their pregnancy that can relieve the anxiety that comes from this. This is what has made the difference and empowered Cristiane and Aline as entrepreneurs, decision-makers and client partners.

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