Be part of this story

Be part of this story

After 4 years of work, Aventura de Construir Association is pleased to present its institutional video, which tells the story of three microentrepreneurs, which we advised in three areas in the outskirts of São Paulo – Jardim Canaã, Perus and Sol Nascente.

More than that, the progress observed in these businesses is part of our own history; the desire that beats in these entrepreneurs’ hearts makes Aventura de Construir exist. And there were already so many hearts vibrating together along our path since 2012 that any word was not enough anymore. We perceived that we had to show this story that was carried out by so many hands. We had to give it colors, faces and voices.

Therefore, we thought and created this video!

As collaborative as the story it tells. With the incredible volunteer work of Bruno Tiezzi as the director and editor, of the musician Marcelo Cesena in the creation of the soundtrack, of Carol Marcoccia and Fernanda Lanza in the communication consultancy. With the availability of the entrepreneurs Juselia Souza, Maria Zelma, Simone and Milene da Silva and the testimonials of partners and friends, such as Aron Zylberman and Carlos Ferreirinha, who made the video even more special! We are grateful for you all!

Now we launch it to the world! In order to reach you and, through you, many others. In order to help more people understand the importance of contributing to a world with more opportunities, more bridges and more dreams!

Watch it now, let it impact yourself and be part of this story!

Silvia Caironi