Banco de Alimentos and AdC

June 2020: The most varied news flood our screens, glances and cross our lives daily. We know that life is not easy.

Aventura de Construir has always carried out continuous monitoring work with microentrepreneurs, and during this pandemic, although it is not obvious, the bond has become even closer.

The creativity and responsibility of the AdC team, coupled with the commitment of the entrepreneurs, has shown that despite so much sadness, there are loopholes that guarantee the breath to follow the path of attentive eyes.

And what are these loopholes, anyway?

In February 2020, the satisfaction of completing another training cycle was even stronger, as in addition to the active participation of all those involved, four female entrepreneurs also became performers during classes. With dedication and technique, their knowledge was shared and inspired everyone present, showing that the formation of multipliers is, besides being welcome, successful here!

Second half of May 2020: after more than two intense months of individual calls seeking to understand the situation of vulnerability of each of the entrepreneurs so as to guide them in the best possible way on how to continue working in this scenario, we identified, in addition to numerous needs occasional, an intense desire on the part of some to help.

Restless beings are always attentive to changes in realities and often know how to see the possibilities that appear even during storms

Despite not being the AdC’s area of ​​activity, the current scenario requires new movements, and the team contacted Banco de Alimentos [1], and was awarded with the donation of 200 purchases vouchers worth R $ 120.00 to be distributed among the beneficiary network and their indications.

Fostering the logic of increasingly enhancing the role of beneficiaries and making them multipliers as well, five entrepreneurial leaders of the AdC, four from different locations (Pirituba, Vila Aurora, Jardim Canaã and Cidade São Pedro) were responsible for the distribution of the cards in their neighborhoods in an effort to reduce the impacts of the pandemic, strengthening the territory where they work and live.

Carla Caputo (daughter of the entrepreneur Maria Eliane Caputo), Cristiane Moura, Maria Alcione, Rodrigo Pedroso and Sabrina Maciel are entrepreneurs from different branches of activity (hairdressing salon, pharmaceutical products, electronic technical assistance, clothing trade and market) and have in common, in addition to the daily strength to overcome challenges, an enormous desire to help.

In addition to the recommendations of the AdC team itself, the multipliers delivered the cards to people they identified from the living experience of living and working in the neighborhoods mentioned above.

They make their work something that overflows with routine: they create bonds, they know how to welcome people, they know their names, their tastes and also their pains. For these reasons, these entrepreneurs were instrumental in the distribution of these cards.

Now, is it so difficult to distribute some cards? It is laborious, requires organization. They filled out spreadsheets, tables, took pictures and above all, respected all safety rules.

In addition to doing what was asked, they did more: some after the end of their work, they took the cards to people unable to receive them in the agreed establishments, such as bedridden elderly or those who had no money even for driving.

The experience of actively participating in a solidarity network like this transformed each of them, as reported by Cristiane and Carla, respectively:

“What we learned is that we complain a lot, we claima ticket that you were unable to pay, we complains about a car that broke down, we complain about a house that is not big enough, but we learned that there are a lot of people with such greater needs … ”

Even with difficulties with my family in this very delicate moment, I was feeling the need to help people in some way, when the Building Adventure came in contact, talking about the action, I thought it was fantastic! ”

And the question at the beginning of the text returns: What are these gaps, anyway?

In addition to identifying opportunities in the middle of the storm, the gaps increase with actions. These entrepreneurs found in their daily difficulties strength to help and strengthen others. They reflected on their own lives and gained breath to follow the journey. Cristiane concludes:

“(…) good is everywhere and Aventura de Construir and Banco de Alimentos enabled me to see this, to understand more the reality of people who are often close to me. This opportunity taught me to be more grateful for what little I have! ”

[1] “NGO founded in 1998. It is a civil association that collects food that has already lost its shelf value in commerce and industry, but is still perfect for consumption, and distributes it where it is most needed.”

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