Awareness and action – Attitudes that can change your business.

Being a microentrepreneur means that you will be fully responsible for all your work decisions, it is a combination of being an owner and an employee, who receives and pays the salary, who produces and sells a product or service.

And as tempting as it is to be responsible for your schedule and work, there are always difficulties.

It would be incredible if we had a magic formula to pass on to our microentrepreneurs to spare them all the problems that will arise on their journey, making everyone successful.

However, each case is very specific and success ends up depending on several factors, mentioning only a few: industry, product/service, suitable place to develop activities, competition and amount of money available for the enterprise.

Apart from all these more technical issues, there are two things that every microentrepreneur needs to have: awareness and action!

Awareness allows us to have more clarity about ourselves and what is around us, with it we interpret and imagine improvements. When we are aware, it means that we are thinking, usually of things that need to be done.

Action brings all the power of the conscious into reality. It is no use just thinking about solutions and doing nothing, not to mention that one of the most effective ways to learn is to get your hands dirty, since with the practice we are able to assimilate better if everything that occurs to us in the unconscious can really be done with our capabilities and tools.

To exemplify the importance of these two points, we separate the story of a microentrepreneur whom we were honored to follow and who managed to understand the power of awareness and action.

João da Costa, from Minas Gerais, lives in the Tourist Housing Complex (west side of the city of São Paulo) and since 2015 has had a store of used objects, which he opened as a way to complement his income. At the time, his job was as a doorman, but during his spare time he received used products from residents of the region to resell them (furniture, appliances, toys, etc.). He also started selling some stationery, party items and paintings of his. Another product he sold were Catholic books and CDs distributed by Canção Nova. The wide variety of products, however, left the space messy and made it look smaller than it already was (a garage door in his house).

It was in 2016 that João learned about Aventura de Construir, through an advertisement on the radio, and since then he has been very faithful to the training offered. However, for a long time he did not present much initiative to apply the content he learned and the goals he established in the advisories.

In 2018, to make his situation worse, he lost his job, and thus became completely dependent on the income of his business, although he received for some months the benefits associated with his dismissal. Even with a difficult situation, he showed little sign of change in the organizational matter; he wanted to dedicate himself exclusively to books, but the atmosphere continued to look like a storehouse of old things.

Until, the third quarter of 2018, a longer conversation with the advisors of Aventura de Construir aroused in him a deeper awareness about the need to change and a clarity that he was not alone in the process.

Within a month, after a few warm years, the change was enormous: he got rid of all the objects he kept there and kept only his small stock of books. Starting from the training content, now with a more organized space, he installed a computer that he had to start organizing finances and stock, also with the help of tables made in a notebook. After another advisory, he understood the need to improve his communication, investing in the dissemination of some books by WhatsApp. This is an important point, as he is the only one in the neighborhood who sells Catholic content and has a large number of potential customers, he just needs to be better known, because those who know him have come back with more and more frequency. He also understood the need to paint the space and invest in the beauty of the environment.

João’s case illustrates very well how the change in the business often depends only on a change in personal conscience and sufficient will to act according to plan. In a few months he moved from a disorderly business, almost stopped and without potential, to a more beautiful little bookstore, with more customers and with many projects for the future.

It is significant to keep in mind that everything that exists in your business depends only on you, whether you got it wrong or right, if you know enough about something or if you need to learn more elsewhere. But, if you need any help, we from the Aventura de Construir team are available to help you because building together is the guarantee of going further.

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