Aventura de Construir and 212 Burger

This text was sent by: Cassio Ozires Martinez, who is a trained publicist, specialist in Big Data and Marketing Intelligence and Director of Operations at VOR Inteligência Coletiva and he was responsible for articulating and implementing this partnership with 212 Burger.

Projects with purpose and strategic partnerships

A brief account of Thanksgiving Day at 212 Burger and what led us to choose the Aventura de Construir as partners for this action

Commonly celebrated in the USA, Thanksgiving is a date that is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, with the aim of ” giving thanks” for the achievements that happened during the year. It was by taking a ride on yet another event inNorth American culture that we decided to create, for 212 Burger, a hamburger with a New York theme, Thanksgiving 212 and bring as partners to this project the ONG Aventura de Construir.

In 2019 we made the second edition of Thanksgiving 212, with the aim of celebrating the achievements of 212 Burger in the year. Captained by entrepreneur and chef Diego Hernandes and his communication partners, we from the agency VOR Inteligência Coletiva, the project took place in four days from the official Thanksgiving Thursday. The chef developed the TGB (thanksgiving burger), which is only marketed during this period and 50% of all sales of this product went to the chosen partner. In this edition we have the support of Aventura de Construir.

It was very important for us to count on Aventura in this project. Having a team at our side, concerned with the development of all stages, serious and committed people, with absolute transparency and smoothness in the practices and presentation of the NGO, enabled us to have the security to propose the action to the client. In addition, for us, it was essential that the fruits of this collection were destined for the community and that the partner involved had beliefs and values concomitant with ours.

This whole project showed us how important it is to build strategic partnerships capable of delivering high quality deliveries. Organizations that go beyond the basics and get involved in projects, thus ensuring that the purpose is fulfilled and that the results generated can reverberate throughout the chain involved.

We look forward to next year and more opportunities like this.

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