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As we already know, the pandemic of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) changed the work routine of the Aventura de Construir team. As face-to-face consultancies became unviable, our strategy was to invest in individual calls to continue accompanying microentrepreneurs with the same responsibility and impetus.

For more than a month, in addition to offering technical support, Aventura de Construir keeps an eye on opportunities related to our audience. This is the case of the crowdfunding platform Matchfunding Enfrente, launched by Fundação Tide Setubal, in partnership with Benfeitoria, to respond to the demands of the new reality imposed by the emergence of COVID 19. The purpose of the call for tenders is to enable greater flexibility in raising financial resources, making the money arrive “faster to the initiatives that are emerging within the peripheries to face this pandemic. in the territories. ”

For the approved initiatives, the donation method is very interesting, for every R $ 1 donated in online campaigns, Tide Setúbal will place another R $ 2, so any amount donated is really very significant.

Aventura de Construir identified in this initiative the following points:

  1. Concrete opportunity to help entrepreneurs;
  2. Chance to involve them in something new, further increasing the protagonism of each one;
  3. Strengthening of the contact network and support among peers.

The individual assistance by phone or video call made it possible to understand the general situation of microentrepreneurs, as well as advisory services provided a deeper understanding of each reality. With all the information from different contexts, it was possible to identify which entrepreneurs could fit into this initiative by the Tide Setubal Foundation and Benfeitoria, valuing the periphery trade and positively impacting the precarious living conditions of a wide network of people directly or indirectly connected , to the business.

The entrepreneurs divided into groups and with the guidance of the Aventura de Construir team sent a total of 4 projects, of which 3 have already been approved, namely:

Project: ProtagonizAíStrengthen the network of 10 growing micro-entrepreneurs on the western outskirts of São Paulo with a risk of bankruptcy.

Who they are: Janaina, Cris, Oseni and Rodrigo in Cidade São Pedro, in Santana do Parnaíba. Maria Eliane and Marcela in Pirituba. Marcella (and her mother Maroli), Reginaldo and Gisele at Vila Aurora. Ezio in the parish of Ó. They operate in different segments: beauty services, carpentry, technical assistance, bakery, confectionery, children’s articles, gifts, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Project: Organic Food forSocietyCollaborate to bring healthy food to the community of Cajamar – Osasco / SP   

Who they are: Edivaldo, an entrepreneur who in 2019 verified the lack of opportunity in the job market and decided to undertake through agriculture focused on organic products with the Association of Farmers of Cajamar. He lives in the Chácara Maria Trindade neighborhood, in the outskirts of São Paulo and Cajamar, where he grows vegetables focused on health and subsistence food in the region.

Project: Sewing protection Collaborate to make and distribute protective masks to needy communities and vulnerable workers.

Who they are: Wagner Felix and Maria Alcione, both work with the making and sale of clothes in the Morro Doce neighborhood, on the outskirts of São Paulo. Each in their own style, but always prioritizing the quality of products and service.

All entrepreneurs involved reported great commotion when their campaigns were approved. For them, the whole situation is new: they have never had contact with an initiative like this. The chance came at such a complicated moment and they knew how to grab it. When we think about the difficulty of this emergency and see the flexibility, creativity and resilience with which many of them are reacting, we understand how much each of us can learn even more from them!

Below are two testimonials from entrepreneurs who had their initiatives approved:

“My name is Wagner Félix, I’m 31 years old and I’m a micro-entrepreneur. I live in Morro Doce, west zone, on the outskirts of São Paulo. I am a tailor, a stylist and I make tailor-made clothes, but in this time of pandemic due to the need, my mother and I started making fabric masks to sell here to the neighborhood people. Aventura de Construir presented to us (myself and another entrepreneur, Maria Alcione) the Matchfunding Enfrente notice and helped us to understand what it was about and also to write the project. It is my first experience with such an announcement, and the first time we are selected. It is very inspiring to see an idea that is born here going forward, coming to life. Maria Alcione and I are learning to create and follow a script … to have a plan, expand ideas and materialize, you know?  Let’s go !!! Do our best every day! ”

“My name is Marcella Miranda and I help my mother, Maroli, with her cake, savory and sweet business. We live and work in Vila Aurora, in Jaraguá. We are going through a delicate moment where the entire population is being affected in some way, be it financial, unemployment, resources, distance and etc … And we microentrepreneurs were also impacted, but we don’t want to sit idly by … We got together in a group with 10 entrepreneurs and Aventura de Construir guided us in the construction of this project. We were approved and that is a great joy. It is something totally new and very useful. We are learning to work in groups, it is not easy … but we are succeeding. Participating in this project is a way of showing how much we have faith and believe in the near future where all of this will go. But we have to do our part by acting now in the best possible way so that we can recover.

These were just two testimonials, but the projects approved so far involved 13 entrepreneurs!

You can help them publicize their campaigns, but you can also choose an initiative or more to support it. Contributing to these initiatives is a concrete response to the crisis. Remember, you invest 1 and the microentrepreneur gets 3!


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