Approaching in times of crisis

In times of social isolation Aventura de Construir perceived the approach of entrepreneurs through different communication channels. The reasons that led these people to seek advice were mainly the management of the business, with a focus on the financial part, as will be seen in the cases of Stella with Açaí da Iaiá, Marcela with Salão Rara Beleza and Suiane with the Sorveteria by Suzi. A particularity of the assistance is the use of applications for video conference conversations in the three cases.

“Watch out for small expenses. A small leak will sink a large ship ”

Benjamin Franklin

Salão Rara Beleza

In March 2020, Marcela de Oliveira began to be advised by the consultants of Aventura de Construir and has already gone against many entrepreneurs, using the isolation period to learn about financial management and with knowledge improve the financial health of your beauty salon.

Advisory services were initially carried out by telephone, and later by video conference, using thetool Zoom. Including this tool in the advisory process expanded Marcela’s web of knowledge and streamlined the work, allowing a more effective monitoring of the entrepreneur’s trajectory.

During the consultancies, the first step was to understand Marcela’s situation and guide her. Then, with the general picture well defined and knowing more about the entrepreneur’s way of thinking and acting, the focus of the consultancies was on solving the problems of financial launching.

Marcela managed to separate home and personalaccounts, businessaccounts,today’s enterprising can make a cashflow,both daily, as monthly, with releases of inputs, outputs and debit and credit cards (this difficulty many businesses).

The entrepreneur still makes her spreadsheets in a specific notebook, but is already familiarizing herself with the Pagbank application (created by pagseguro) to make the salon’s financial processes more automatic and will have the full support of Aventura de Construir’s team of advisors.

Açaí da Iaiá

Entrepreneur Stella dos Santos, had the first consultancy carried out by Aventura de Construir, in March 2020. The greatest difficulty encountered by the entrepreneur, was to separate the personal budget from the business budget. Stella runs two businesses, Açaí da iaiá and the locksmith services store that her husband (Marcelo) takes care of.

Currently, the focus of advisors is on the separation of accounts with suggestion of pro-labore for those involved and has already guided the entrepreneur, through the tool google meet (video conference and screen sharing, to systematically record the entries and exits of the enterprise and make a cash flow. 

Excel was the tool chosen by Stella and her spreadsheet has four tabs: Diary, Month, Personnel and Credit Cards

Suzi’s Ice Cream

Shop Entrepreneur Suiane Vieira arrived at Aventura de Construir through the networks in March 2020. Unlike the other entrepreneurs in this case, she did not participate in any face-to-face activities carried out by Aventura de Construir.The

first face-to-face consultations with entrepreneurs always present challenges and whencarrying them out in a totally virtual way, the challenges are even bigger.

 Starting from reality is one of the methodological pillars of Aventura de Construir and this value plus the work done. The eyes and ears are always attentive to tools that contributed to the work being carried out with complete impetus and organization.

It was no different with Suiane, the consultancies were carried out successfully. Through honest dialogue and seriousness, the entrepreneur felt totally comfortable to communicate her reality and her issues. She is responsible for the Ice Cream Shop Suzi, which suffered the impacts of the crisis in a devastating way, but the entrepreneurial spirit did not let the business close its doors once and for all, since the entrepreneur came with controlled debts, but with high values, with no room for error. .

The solution was to put the machines and equipment in the ice cream shop to work, anticipating the production of hamburgers, which was planned for the future and was put into practice during this period. Suiane registered at Ifood and was able to sell through delivery, thus bypassing and softening the impacts of the crisis.

The entrepreneur has good financial control, using Excel spreadsheets for monthly launches and daily flow through cell phone application. Even with the control performed, the table needed adjustment in the launch of cards to avoid problems in the general launch.

In these three cases, we note the importance of digital tools to act in this period of social isolation. Another point verified is that even with the financial control aligned, you run risks, but manage to have a more coordinated and assertive action to face the problems. 

These entrepreneurs actively participate in Aventura de Construir actions, such as, for example, the orientation to collect financial aid (Fund for Assistance to Entrepreneurial Women and the Federal Government), in addition to collective donation (Matchfunding) in partnership with the Tide Setúbal Foundation. 

The funds raised for the period of social isolation will be well managed, if it depends on the knowledge built in the consultancies carried out by Aventura de Construir and by the willpower of the entrepreneurs.

If I had been asked if I would bet on what I am seeing continuously happening in these weeks I would not have done … the reality is always greater than our thoughts !!!!

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