2019 is coming and the adventure continues!

2018 went by quickly, full of ups and downs, lived with a lot of determination.

But what really matters is the reflection of what we have accomplished and learned. It is what is still in our memory: stories of many lives that were intertwined with ours to help us help those in need. It is the recognition that many lives have supported us on our journey to which we are extremely grateful.

Many lives have been transformed thanks to the participation of several people and companies!

Aventura de Construir is part of the UN Global Compact that monitors and guides the implementation of the 2030 Agenda to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Among the objectives are: poverty eradication, quality education, reduction of inequalities, decent work and economic growth.

The African Proverb: “if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go accompanied ” is a conviction for us from Aventura de Construir because we see it in the result of our work: the lives of microentrepreneurs on the outskirts of São Paulo, being transformed right before our eyes. The impact is much greater than the training, advice and indication to microcredit offered to them. We do, with your collaboration, more than that, we do inclusive territorial development with a view to human and socio-environmental transformation. Achievements that move us, leave us with teary eyes!

In the last 04 years, the profit of microentrepreneurs accompanied by us, registered an increase of 89.36%. From May 2017 to May 2018, the closing rate of companies fell from 15% to 2% among those that received our guidance, while companies that did not receive, the closing rate rose to 15%.Better than words and numbers are people telling their stories in this video published by the Italian news agency ANSA.


To the microentrepreneurs, our thanks for allowing us to awaken a new awareness, for the belief in our work, in our methodology; thus giving expression to our purposes.

From reflection, lessons collaborated to build 2019. Plans and dreams abound. We move forward with realism, perseverance and positivity because we are eager to exceed our goals. 2019 will be the first year without the Italian sponsor Fondazione Umano Progresso, with projects ready to find different sources of funding. New territorial regions will be impacted with the expansion of the operating territory, as well as new partnerships, products and services aimed at companies will be offered.

For Pope Francis “the economy needs its correct functioning, a person-friendly ethic; the understanding that we human beings belong to a common root of humanity and that we have a future to be built together, where man is the most important resource in the production chain. Humanity must be understood as one family”.

With the certainty that together we have contributed to the construction of a more egalitarian, supportive, ethical and fair world. To continue adding is fundamental. Continue Venturing to Build is our goal!

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