2018 – 2030: life enriching the sustainable development Agenda

2018 – 2030: life enriching the sustainable development Agenda

2015 was the turning point for people and our planet. At that year, the United Nations, Governments, civil society and other partners came together and brought to life an ambitious post 2015 development agenda called “Agenda 2030”. It is composed by 17 objectives (SDO – Sustainable Development Objectives) to be implemented by stakeholders for the eradication of poverty and the construction of a path for sustainable development.

From its beginnings – and from 2015 onwards – we have realized that the work methodology and the training offer presented by Aventura de Construir are in line with Agenda 2030 insofar as they present an integral proposal for the individual development ( in all three dimensions, human, economic and environmental ) and have a direct impact on 7 of the 17 SDO´s.

Through our Company Management Training, Human Development and technical professionals, we provide highly qualified training and, at the same time, we foster the female protagonist and the low income women financial independence, corresponding to 60% of our public with direct impact on SDO´s n. 4 (Quality education) and SDO´s n.5 (Gender equality).

Our Training, Advisory and Microcredit Support programs also enter SDO´s n. 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) insofar as they dignify the person through work and foster our peripheries the economic development. We have reduced inequalities (SDO´s n.10) by supporting the income growth of the most vulnerable population (according to our Impact Assessment System, our monthly revenue increased an average of 63% between 2012 and 2017 – learn more here https://aventuradeconstruir.org.br/avaliaca-de-impacto), promoting the social and economic inclusion of all and also, offering exchanging spaces, sharing and network creations.

During our capacitation classes, we provide universal access to a safe, inclusive and accessible space also supporting economic, social and environmental relationships in the city peripheries, thus making them safer and sustainable, contributing to SDO´s n. 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities). By supporting and encouraging environmentally sustainable behavior and attitudes among our entrepreneurs, we have impacted SDO´s n.13 (Action against global climate change), achieving a 25% average of our target audience by taking initiatives to reduce consumption of water and electricity.

We are aware that we could not implement all those programs by ourselves. For this reason, we foster partnerships and networking, both during our Training and Advising Classes, welcoming speakers and volunteers from different and distinct realities, as well as in the projects formulation, calls participation for business proposals and our Board of Directors involvement (SOD´s n.17 – Partnerships and implementation ways). The synergies created by the combination of these “concentric circles” with partners around the ADC enrich us as individuals and professionals and create enormous value for our training offer to the beneficiaries.

This year we want to work even more deeply, effectively, and measurably on the SDOs related to the ADC cause to highlight them in the various modes of disclosure and in the institutional relationships articulation. We are aware that there is no dialogue possibility with leading companies and institutions without the existence of this common language and patrimony code. This is a major phenomenon: 97% of corporate CEOs find sustainability important for the future of their business, 87% consider it an opportunity to develop the company´s creation value, 80% realize the commitment to the SDO as a company differential. (Source: The UN Global Compact-Accenture Strategy CEO Study 2016 – Agenda 2030: A Window of Opportunity 1,000+ CEOs, 100+ countries, 25+ industries. Learn more at www.accenture.com/us-en/insight-un- global-compact-ceo-study)

Our approach to SDO has never been to treat them as an institutional marketing action, but rather the surprise of verifying that they are a foundation and something pertaining to the DNA of the Aventura de Construir.

In order to follow this approach, we need first of all, to keep the questions about our reason for being alive, questions that move us in search of answers, to learn more and more how to serve our target audience. In our experience over the years, we have found ourselves filling in the SDO content, experiences, particular experiences, and lives, through the art of meeting the other. Learning to love what is ahead of us, we have been and always want to be a seed that will generate life wherever the land it was sown.

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