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Our mission

Our mission

Promote local territorial development, enabling, accompanying and facilitating access to credit, with a view to a human and socio-environmental transformation.

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Our activities


Practical courses and workshops on self-knowledge and entrepreneurship, organization and methods of work, client and market, financial management, technology and innovation. In a horizontal, inclusive and participatory way, microentrepreneurs exchange experiences and learn at the same time.


Periodic monitoring, individual and personalized for each microentrepreneur. We seek to improve the results in your business by defining goals, priorities, responsibilities and follow-up mechanisms.

Access to microcredit

Support in obtaining microcredit with the lowest market interest rates, through partnerships with financial institutions such as Banco do Povo Paulista and FIRGUN, and debt renegotiation and control of expenses with Serasa, Acuerdo Certo, Smart MEI, BLU365 and TuTu Digital.

Customized Projects On Demand

Training through courses (in person and at a distance) and practical workshops.

Individual assessment and systematic monitoring (in person and at a distance).

Facilitation of access to microcredit through a partnership with Banco do Povo Paulista, Firgun and TuTu Digital and measurement of results through the Social and Environmental Impact Assessment System.

Support development in the peripheries