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Edilsa, José e o restauranteEdilsa and her husband, José Arimar, have a small restaurant on the ground floor of their home in Sol Nascente, Jaraguá area. The restaurant is on a quiet street, although close to a sports center, whence his costumers are mostly people who come to play and watch games in the weekend. For that reason her restaurant always had a steady pace, even with strong competitors in the neighborhood. In 2013, Edilsa and her husband, José Arimar, came to our trainings and received many mentoring sessions from Aventura de Construir. Since then, they distributed pamphlets around the neighborhood, started simple and effective actions to improve service and made a small restoration in the restaurant. All of this was possible with two loans gotten from Banco do Povo Paulista, mediated by Aventura de Construir. In six months they increased their gross revenue by over 240% and their margin increased three times in the period, which enabled the family to make their first travel with a tour package.

Edilsa won two participation certificates of semiannual cycles of training by Aventura de Construir, participated on the Financial Health program with our partner Aliança Empreendedora and was chosen to participate in the TV program Jornal Hoje (Rede Globo) as an example of entrepreneurial achievement.



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