Disorganization: the silent killer of your business

There is a foundation of any activity that becomes essential for an entrepreneur. It´s basic, so simple that it seems kind of boring: personal organization. Without it, the best efforts and urges get in the way and stops people from reaching results, resulting in disappointment, frustration and, in the end, inertia.

Unpaid bills, angry customers due to forgetfulness, damaged inventory material and a feeling of drowning in tasks that overlay one another, in a growing disorder, where the urgent always gets above the important. A brief conversation with entrepreneurs is enough to gather dozens of examples. Only one out of every 30 dissatisfied customers explicitly complains about an unpleasant experience: lack of organization can be the silent killer of your business.

Setting up a personal organization system is not as easy as it seems

Actually, the matter is less obvious than it looks. Who can say, asked at any moment, everything that has to be done and their deadlines? Or be in tune with all that is being expected from others? Who  zeroes out their e-mail inbox everyday, or even once a week?  How many have already given up?

The real wear of not having a system is not only, of course, the missed deadlines, the late meetings, the forgotten client quotes. The real wear is the stress of that voice in our head that won´t stop saying: “I must remember that report”, “I must reply to that e-mail”, “I can’t forget about my girlfriend´s gift”. Therefore, we are never fully present and focused on what we are doing. The quality of our work falls alongside our satisfaction. 

According to the great David Allen and his “Art of making it happen” there is a way out: keeping notes of everything, organize it in lists where we are going to execute these tasks (on the telephone, on the computer, at home, running errands…) or, if there is a deadline, on the calendar and review it periodically.

Let’s try to show this again to the entrepreneurs. Reminding them is already a great added value for us.

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