Bandeirante-like entrepreneurship in 2017

In January we celebrate São Paulo’s anniversary, a city we have a love-hate relationship. Cost of living is high, distances are long, everything is hard… but it’s where we’ve grown up, migrated to and have built our lives and our ties of love and businesses.

But what is to be an entrepreneur in such immensity of the tenth world’s richest city – soon to be the sixth in 2025? What does it mean to own a business in such a cosmopolitan city, the most populous of the south hemisphere?

Point of Origin

To begin with, we should go back to the origins of our city to remember a constitutive fact of that then small town: São Paulo began to become important in colonial times after the Bandeirantes’ expeditions started to extend the limits of Portuguese borders in search for indigenous slave labor and precious metals.

We can say that our regional relevance emerged as the bandeirante activity in search for cheap commodities were developed. Therefore, entrepreneurship is at the core of our city’s history, with risk behavior, bravery and vision of where to go.

Such entrepreneur mindset has intensified after the sugar cane and coffee plantation cycles and industrialization, until reaching the development of the service sector we currently have. And what do the current days have for this city’s entrepreneurs?

Not everything is like la vie em rose, but there are good news

The city is going through an economic crisis. For instance, the city’s income should fall 5,9% from 2016 to 2017, having already fell 8% from 2015 to 2016. Unemployment rate in greater São Paulo is at 17%. If the country hurts, São Paulo also hurts (or should it be the other way around?).

2017 is an economic challenge to be overcome, but there are good news. Mayor elect João Dória Jr., for instance, has promised to encourage entrepreneurship in the city. One of those promises is a partnership with State Government to create a multi-service administrative agency focused on entrepreneurship, which should allow opening a business in three days and will organize two major events for entrepreneurs every year. Less bureaucracy and more opportunities for networking and benchmarking for all!

A second promise is the Easy Enterprise Program, which should disseminate startup nurseries in the 32 boroughs of São Paulo. Those services will be offered in trucks, in strategical locations, to expedite entrepreneurs’ routines with most of the service being offered online. As we can see, the government is working towards improving our entrepreneurs’ situation.

The Time is Now

If you have any plan or are thinking about any innovative action, now it’s not the time to dismay. In our daily work at Aventura de Construir, we have confirmed that the more generative, proactive people are those who obtain the better result on the long run.

Remember that there is no “better moment” to set a new course for your business, for the better moment is actually is made of good answers to real situations. Act like a bandeirante, fetching new ways into 2017! Click here to see how Aventura de Construir can help you.

Silvia Caironi